IHO/SCUFN Submissions

Our team has a successful track-record of IHO/SCUFN seabed naming submissions and is very experienced with the production of high-quality naming proposals and supporting documentation.

As qualified multibeam surveyors, we have experience at all stages of this process. From early planning, to survey execution, and post-processing raw multibeam data with the aim of submitting a naming request to SCUFN/IHO.

Our team have been responsible for naming numerous underwater features including huge seamounts to ocean deeps that have been found by chance during oceanographic and hydrographic projects.

We can help you produce the official submission or advise on the process of naming a seabed feature for a nominal fee.

If you are planning an expedition to a previously unexplored region why not take one of our survey technicians who can assist in multibeam processing and IHO/SCUFN submissions?

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