Project Review

With the over 500 expeditions to our team's name, we've seen exemplary, good, bad and dire expedition planning.

In addition to supporting science expeditions, we have also manged and executed numerous oceanographic expeditions, surveys and projects. This has made our team appreciate the challenges faced by today's scientists running complex multi-disciplinary cruises in remote locations across the globe.

Asking the right people the right questions early on in the planning stage is critical to a project's success. A badly executed expedition due to poor planning will significantly affect the quality and quantity of the acquired dataset and ultimately the scientific deliverables.

It's a fact that the international oceanographic community is small and people talk. A badly managed expedition can have a negative effect on your community standing and the ability to secure future funding or ship time.

Research Vessel Services technical team can independently review your expedition plan for a nominal fee and compile a comprehensive list of technical questions, checklists and action items.

These questions can then be presented to the parent institute, vessel operator , ROV team or other members of the expedition. We will then work with you to review the responses and to further assist you throughout the planning stage.

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