ROV Support

Research Vessel Services' technicians have supported ROV operations from the Epipelagic Zone all the all the way down to Hadalpelagic zone at 10,000m . We have experience with numerous systems including eyeball, observation and work-class vehicles. Our team has 15 years experiences operating vehicles in all the worlds oceans from the frozen polar regions to the tropics onboard a range of global class research vessels.

Each of our technicians has supported dozens of ROV/research vessel integrations incorporating both dedicated science community ROV's and Vehicles hired for expeditions from the offshore energy sector. If you are considering integrating an ROV with your Research Vessel or need technical support for a project we are here to help you.

Our experience of ship fitted and ROV systems and our long standing involvement with the scientific community ensure that we have the knowledge, skills and abilities to assist your project no matter how big or small.

For more information on how we can support your ROV requirements email:

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