Marine Technicians

Do you need a Marine Technician to help support your science at sea or review the technical complexities of a expedition proposal? Has your full time pool of technicians been reduced due to government cuts or budget restrictions?

Our pool of experienced Marine Technicians are highly qualified with over 400 expeditions for government, non-government and not-for-profit institutes across the globe.

Research Vessel Services' technicians are able to assist you at all stages of the expedition life-cycle from technical review at the proposal stage through to mobilization, at-sea technical resources, demobilization and post-cruise support.

Our technicians have worked closely with some of the top scientists in the community. We know that each expedition is many years in the making and pivots on just a few intense weeks at sea. Ensuring you have the tools, support and technicians to get the dataset you need is critical to the ultimate success of the expedition and its science deliverables.

If you would like to discuss a project or technical support please do not hesitate to contact us on

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